Maxima 2.2

Maxima 2.2 is a creative design system that showcases unique and multi-functional features. 90 finishes combined with a variety of opening methods make Maxima 2.2 the prime example of an architectural project that meets modular, technological, an flexibility requirements. Furthermore, the linear qualities of this collection paired with its calculated precision creates a system that sets Cesar apart.


Unit features free-standing components that are not dependent on walls and the limitations they provide. The freedom and airiness of this system exhibit both domesticity and professionalism, creating a perfect contrast. The wide variety of finishes between the structures and the doors allows for more customization and experimentation; this system can adapt and change to fit the aesthetics of any home


N_Elle is a collection of sharp, unforgiving lines formed into geometric structures. Precisely cut lines and a lightweight appeal create a clean, professional kitchen. Tall units against the wall allow for more design and customization options.; endless choices of finishes and materials still end up creating a montage of sophistication. Overall, this collection is a powerhouse of elegance and formidability.


Intarsio is a system built upon geometric shapes the evoke bold emotions. Striking units and come together make a metropolitan design with diverse and unique components. Unpredictable modules combined with the variety of finishes and materials create an infinite amount of unpredictable combinations.