Calix XL

Geometric shapes, careful detail, and simple lines are woven together to create an innovative collection with the adept use of volume. For starters, the first door featured in this collection showcases a groove as the handle and panels along the sides for added depth. This door is also offered with a curved front, which adds an interesting 3-D element and more design choices. Next, over-counter washbasins, which are available in two heights, are used in this collection to add more versatility and style options. Likewise, built-in basins are available in this collection for a classy yet modern look. Furthermore, in this collection, gorgeously crafted mirrors are illuminated by LED lights for an angelic glow. To compliment the mirrors, open storage compartments are available for added organization and an elegant look. Finally, this entire program is accompanied with a large amount of finishes, allowing for greater variety and more personalization.