As an advocate for creative freedom, D'Art offers a multitude of design, color, and storage options. This wide variety of customizations allows for an infinite number of personalized combinations for every household. Starting off, the wash basins are available in two heights (15 cm and 22 cm) and a customized length. A backsplash can also be added on the wall that the wash basin is against for more geometric depth and height. Continuing on, the drawer fronts have an array of designs: a smooth door with a groove as an opening method, a framed door with a camouflaged upper handle, and a plissé door with three dimensional detailing. Furthermore, for the hanging compartments, thin, sleek elements frame the side of the shelved, creating both a contemporary look and a more functional space. Adding on, careful attention has been paid towards the accessories that will be equipped to the bathroom. For example, customizable shelves can be equipped with a towel rack, making for adept use of space. Overall, this collection showcases individual elements that come together in harmony for a gorgeous composition.