Security Doors

Silvelox's security doors are amongst the top for highest burglary prevention. Available in a multitude of finishes, materials, and designs, every door can be customized for a fitting entrance to your home. Innovative features are applied to each of the security doors, including burglary protection, sound insulation, a patented, balanced hinge, a safer locking system, and a large range of handle options. Due to the highly-functional security system, break-in methods, such as the use of a drill, saw, hatch, or hammer, are prevented. With the high privacy and incomparable design, Silvelox's security doors are the best for any home.

Garage Doors

Silvelox has developed one of the largest range of garage doors, creating a variety of personalized solutions for each and every home. Geometric patterns, aesthetics designs, and elegant finishes all contribute to the beauty of these garage doors. Indiscernible pedestrian doors are applied, adding more functionality and innovation to these products. Furthermore, the automation system is completely concealed against the ceiling, allowing for a sleep, disruptive look.Overall, Silvelox's garage doors are the perfect blend of design, functionality, and efficiency.

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